Reviews for Young Man With the Blues:

What makes a musician? What creates a vibe and a CD worth listening to? Well, some of the components include heart, soul, sweat, practice, desire and even some genetics. Gary Sellers has a full house of vital componentry. His new disk was created under the careful eyes and tutelage of LI's own legend, Sam "The Prince of the Blues" Taylor. Gary's axe reflects the untold hours of struggle, careful listening to his elders and mentors and his true soul. The CD is splashed throughout with taste and potent power and restraint where appropriate. Sellers' vocals have a Greg Allman grit and phraseology and will only grow better as time, experience and training weave their magic. Careful attention to detail is obvious and evident throughout. The band is first rate, filled with LI's finest bluesmen.

The songs are Gary's own with Sam's helping hand, advice, co-writing and the lending of a tune or two. Gary thoughtfully thanks alot of Ex's for inspiration and you will too as the themes are only too familiar and truthful. These are heartfelt and well crafted examples of state of the art blues. "Young Man With the Blues" has a cool vibe and sets it down straight. "Feelin' Good" drives with Memphis, the ultimatum of "What Are You Wafting For" and the swinging drive of "Precious Time" amply demonstrate an ability tempered by and directed by life's twisty road.

Gary's coming up, no question about it. This CD is a snapshot. Its evolution on the hoof, as talent is warmed, burnished and guided by time and experience. My buddy Gary Sellers, he's a young man with the blues.

Mark "Doctor Blues" Gresser 
Backyard Blues


Gary has obviously spent a lot of time with his guitar. However it also evident he has spent a lot of time listening to a hell of a lot of music. The tunes are a mixed bag of rock, blues, funk, jazz and R&B. The tunes are surprisingly sophisticated...his guitar playing is a fine mixture of mechanics and feel. In short, the Cat can play! My personal favorite is a smooth mid tempo called "Lost and Found". This is a sweet piece of R&B that would not be out of place on any great jukebox. "Precious Time" and "Drawers" work the band into a funky froth, and leave you gasping for more. Buy this one, you will not be sorry. 

Joe Grandwilliams 
Good Times Magazine


Gary Sellers is a "Young Man With The Blues" that has put together a great collection of Rockin' Blues, with a twist of Funk, and Jazz to go with his smooth vocals, and he plays his guitar with great technical skill and feeling. The Kid has really spent some time with his guitar and it shows on this CD. Some of my personal favorites are "Lost Love" which in my opinion is down right the bluest song on the disc and really lets his guitar playing shine with great maturity and, "Drawers" which is a little bit of Blues, Swing, Jazz, Funk, and Rock which leaves you wishing there was one more track on this disc. This is the CD that in ten years you wish you had bought. Flat out just some real nice work and a great band to back it up, well worth the money! Keep it up Gary!

John Bandit 
Bandit Blues Radio


Gary's songs show that his influences are varied but the most notable are his R&B roots as heard in the uptempo tracks of his CD. his blues are mostly evident in the slower numbers where his guitar playing style comes to fore. no fancy 'fast fingers' stuff here. there was no need for that. just straightforward and heartfelt licks. the notes are all in the right places. Listen to Gary sing. feel every note that comes out from his guitar. this young man has the blues.